Russell E. Schwausch

Austin, TX
(512) 258-7200

Summary of Experience, Capabilities and Objectives

I have extensive experience working with technical and non-technical people in one-on-one and group environments. I have proven technical troubleshooting skills and experience teaching troubleshooting skills to others. I am very knowledgable of the education system and the needs of administration, teachers and students. I am easy to work with, optimistic, enthusiastic and energetic. I am a self-starter. I work well in both team and individual situations. I am an experienced presenter with multiple media types and interact well with my audiences.
I provide community service to schools, churches and youth programs. I am a hard worker. I like to help others and grow in the process. I can handle multiple projects at one time. I do not like to sit still.
I want to do something that makes a difference in people's lives, has a lasting influence on the community and challenges my abilities. I prefer a flexible environment with the freedom to try new approaches.

Employment History:

Dec 92
Apple Computer, Inc.
Senior Systems Engineer
  • Senior Systems Engineer for Apple Computer Texas K-12 Education Division.

  • Responsibilities include marketing presentations, technical training of customers and sales staff, support infrastructure planning with customers, design, specification, implementation and troubleshooting of LANs employing LocalTalk, Ethernet and Token Ring media, design and specification of WANs employing dial-up, ISDN, T1, Fiber and Wireless media, qualification of third party system integrators and cable installers, Internet Access Consultant, Server Installation, Configuration & Management
Jun 89
Dec 92
Apple Computer, Inc.
Systems Engineer
  • Systems Engineer for Apple Computer Texas Education Division supporting Elementary, Secondary and Higher Education Institutions.

  • Responsibilities included marketing presentations, technical training of customers & sales staff, design, specification, implementation and troubleshooting of LANs employing LocalTalk, Ethernet and Token Ring media.
Feb 84
Jun 89
Motorola, Inc., Austin, Texas
Senior Software Designer
  • Project Leader in Motorola Microcomputer Division Austin Design Center.

  • Responsibilities included: supervision/review of software personnel; development of specifications and code for I/O subsystems; planning and writing manuals for software products.
May 80
Feb 84
Motorola, Inc., Austin, Texas
Sales Representative, promoted to Technical Support Specialist
  • Software Project Leader in Motorola Microprocessor Design Group.

  • Responsibilities included supervision of a programming team, development of software tools and specification of the instruction set for a custom CPU.
Sep 72
May 80
CENCOM Systems, Houston, Texas
Software Development Manager
  • Manager of software development for CENCOM Systems.

  • Wrote firmware and device drivers for I/O subsystems for CDC mainframes.
Jun 71
Aug 72
Control Data Corporation, Houston, Texas
Customer Engineer
  • Customer Engineer for Control Data Corporation.

  • Performed preventive and emergency maintenance on CDC 6000 series mainframes and peripherals.


PresentationCreation of Presentation Materials & Handouts. Presentation of Technical and Sales Information.
TrainingDevelopment, Management and Presentation of Leader-led and Hands-On Training Sessions
DesignDesign of LANs and WANs supporting Electronic Mail, File Transfer, Video Conferencing, Internet Access, Mainframe Access
TroubleshootingTroubleshooting of Local and Wide Area Networks using tools ranging from simple ping utilities to traffic analysis to mapping to packet analysis
SupportCustomer Support for a wide range of services including MacOS 7.5.2, DOS 6.2, Windows 3.1, Applications, Network Connectivity, Internet Access, Mainframe Access, Telecommunications, Presentation Systems, Multimedia


Apple MacintoshFile/Print Server Software, Routers, Network Management & Troubleshooting Software, Mainframe Connectivity Software, Administrative Software, Database Solutions, Connectivity to Novell Netware Servers
Networking ProtocolsAppleTalk, IPX, TCP/IP, SLIP, PPP, ARA
Internet ServicesWorld Wide Web, WAIS, Gopher, FTP, DNS
UNIXA/UX and System V
LanguagesHyperTalk, AppleScript, HTML


1994ApplePresentation Skills Training
1993AppleTime Management Training
1992AppleCareer Development & Leadership Training Classes
1989 & 1991ApplePresentation Skills Training
1987MotorolaDesign For Manufacturability Course
1984AT&TUNIX Internals Course
1984AT&TUNIX Device Driver Course
1983MotorolaManaging for Productivity Course
6/67 - 5/71CollegeUniversity of Texas at Austin
Degree: Bachelor of Engineering Science - C. S. & E. E.


3/82Paper on Memory Management at Southcon/82
9/7/82Article on Memory Management in Electronic Products Magazine
12/86Article on Macintosh SCSI Hard Disks in The Macintosh Journal


Birthdate4 Oct 1949; Age - 46; Height - 6'4"; Weight - 225 lbs.
FamilyWife, Sandy, and 5 children ages 10 years to 20 years
HealthExcellent; no physical limitations; non-smoker
ResidenceOwn home in Anderson Mill
ActivitiesScout Committee Advancement Chairman and Woodbadge Graduate
Licensed Amateur Radio Operator (Technician Class)
Active in church supervising youth and adult organizations
(Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
HobbiesWoodworking, gardening, genealogy, sailing, photography, scuba diving

References Available Upon Request